Essex Book Festival Launch

Essex Book Festival is one of the most exciting events happening in Essex. Established in 1999 with the aim of celebrating all things books and literature. It takes place throughout the spring months, starting in March, and hosts over 100 events with this year it hosting 300 writers and artists all across the county, including theatres, libraries, schools, universities, cafes and art galleries.

This years Essex Book Festival launch brings Scottish crime thriller writer Val McDermid to the stage to talk with BBC Essex radio presenter Tony Fisher about her latest book ‘How the Dead Speak’ and all things crime – where she finds her inspiration and how she gathers all of the vital information that she needs to write. Having sold over 16 million books worldwide and her books been translated into 40 different languages she’s something of a very big deal and we are thrilled to be seeing her at the launch. Fans of hers will be familiar with the main protagonists Dr Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan, in this captivating novel the two characters lives are wound up in something much bigger than themselves and they have to fight for who and what they love to come out the over side stronger than before. The story follows on from other books which involve Tony and Carol but having started to read the book myself, it isn’t essential that you know the back story. Something which Val does superbly in her writing is encapsulate the reader into feeling like they are part of the story themselves, giving you insights and secrets about the narrative that you so deeply wish you could share with the other characters. It is set to be a very interesting evening for all, and we look forward to hearing some exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ stories from her latest book. The festival takes place on the 28th of February at Anglian Ruskin University in Chelmsford, you can buy tickets here: or visit the Essex Book Festival website to get involved in all the other events happening near you!