We design and build bespoke web tools for charities & purpose-driven organisations.

A web product is a product or service that’s delivered or accessed over the internet. A web product is often a software application that’s hosted on a server and accessed via a web browser. Web products are typically user or subscription-based and can offer a wide range of functionality including productivity tools, assessments and even interactive games. Web products are usually designed to be used by a specific group of people and may require a login or other form of authentication to access.

You may have paper-based or back-office systems that should “go digital”, but it may be hard to see how, or to know where to start in the process. Some examples of back-office systems that we have converted to web-based services include:

  • A paper-and-postal grant application and management process
  • A spreadsheet for calculating the carbon emissions of a small farm
  • A procedure for evaluating an organisation’s state of health and readiness for grant funding
  • A spreadsheet-based tool to calculate the whole-life cost of a building
  • A step-by-step guide for an organisation to prepare for a community shares issue