Meet Artem!

We recently expanded our development department and welcomed Artem into the fold. He joined in the spring and marks the next chapter in expanding our development services here at Creative Coop. As is usually the case, we wanted you to get to know him a little first, so we sat down for a quick Q&A!

What made you want to join Creative Coop?
The interview process was very informative, interesting and pleasant, and I could easily see myself being a part of this company.

Were you aware of co-operative businesses before finding Creative Coop, and what do you think about co-ops in general?
Although I was not aware of this type of business before, I share the main principles of co-op organisations where every member plays an important role and helps to create value for the company and local communities.

What type of projects/clients do you like working on most?
As a web developer, I find myself particularly drawn to projects that offer a balance between creative freedom and clear objectives. I enjoy working with clients who have a vision for their website but also value my expertise and input in achieving their goals. Collaborating with clients who are open to new ideas and innovative solutions allows me to fully utilise my skills and push the boundaries of web development.

Furthermore, I have a special interest in projects that have a positive impact on society or contribute to meaningful causes. Working with clients who are passionate about making a difference allows me to align my work with my values and leverage technology for social good.

Overall, I enjoy working on diverse projects that stimulate my creativity, expand my skill set, and have a positive impact on the world.

Who are your role models?
One of my favourite role models is Keanu Reeves. He serves as a role model not only for his success in the entertainment industry but also for his exemplary character and values that transcend his profession. He inspires others to strive for kindness, resilience, authenticity, and continuous self-improvement in their own lives.

If you could own only one piece of art or design from any decade, what would it be?
I would pick Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent van Gogh. Being one of his most famous masterpieces, it also triggers my personal feelings, memories and thoughts. While the colour combination of blue sky and yellow field resembles the flag of my home country, the landscape itself looks native and familiar to me.

It’s your turn to plan the Christmas Party, where are you taking us and what are the plans? (anything goes!)
Finally! I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years.
To start with, we’ll have some active entertainment like karting, escape room, axe throwing or similar. Then we’ll need a pub to have some rest and discuss the achievements of our previous team building. And finally, we’ll go to a countryside restaurant with a nice view to have some food and drinks, socialise and continue celebrating.