Welcome Sofia!

Following the departure of our wonderful project manager Charlie (who joined the fabulous folks over at Gainsborough’s House), we welcomed Sofia into the fold. She joins us as our new project manager and you’ll soon be starting to hear from her if you’re a current client. For the second time in a month, we sat down for our usual Q&A with our new member!


What made you want to join Creative Coop?

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben and Charlie a couple of days before and having a chat before deciding to join in. They were both extremely welcoming and friendly, which made me feel right at home even before my first interview.

The more I learned about Creative Coop, the team, the projects, and the clients, the more I felt it was the right place for me. My previous experience in the advertising and digital industries, managing projects, and previous work in the 3rd sector, and where I wanted to move forward, just made it feel like I really felt the stars align for me on this one, and everything just flowed.

Also, I must say that the opportunity to work in such an iconic building as Colchester’s oldest gallery, The Minories, with the Commons cafe and beautiful garden below, really sealed the deal for me.

I couldn’t imagine a more ideal place to work.


Were you aware of co-operative businesses before finding Creative Coop, and what do you think about co-ops in general?

I had very general and basic knowledge about different co-ops, but ever since I started working at Creative Coop, I have realised the endless possibilities of what a co-operative business module can look like. I’ve already learned so much, from sharing equally in decision-making to creating a more fair and collaborative way of working for all members. It’s not just about working for someone else but about contributing to the direction of the co-op, having a say on key decisions, and being part of something everyone in the team believes in.


What type of projects/clients do you like working on most? 

I love any projects that get the creative juices going. I find it very stimulating to be around creative people in general. But I guess my favourite one will have to be anything that has a social impact. From previous projects that the Creative Coop has done, I loved the creation of the educational board games, sounds like such a fun project to have been part of.


Who are your role models?

Not sure if role models, but definitely something I find very inspirational is people who use their power and influence to help others. Also, people who choose kindness and connection.


If you could own only one piece of art or design from any decade, what would it be? 

There are so many I would love to have but I guess the Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo, is such a prominent art piece from a Latin American artist who I admire so much. As many of her paintings are filled with symbolic elements and multiple layers of meaning and interpretations. Also, maybe any of my old time favourites Van Gogh or Monet.


It’s your turn to plan the Christmas Party, where are you taking us and what are the plans? (anything goes!) 

If there was no budget limit I would take you all to Costa Rica to have a lovely tropical Christmas!