We’re growing, and we’d like you to be part of that journey.

We are a design studio helping charities, co-operatives, public sector orgs, social enterprises to communicate and engage. You’ll be joining Creative Coop at an exciting time of growth. We’re introducing new services and processes, and you’ll be part of that change. Working as part of a collaborative team, you’ll have the opportunity to put forward your ideas in an open and encouraging environment.

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all backgrounds to apply. Please note, that we are currently based on the 2nd floor of an older building with stair-only access.

Please note! We do not work with recruiters…

Current Roles

Freelance Designers

Life at the Coop

A different way of working

You’ll be part of a highly collaborative team and a wider cooperative network that prides itself on progressive values and fairness for all its members. We’re also more resilient than traditional business models giving you more job security.


We’re owned by our workers. Each team member has an equal share of the co-op and an equal vote on key decisions. Actively contribute to the co-op and suggest changes, improvements, or initiatives to grow and progress the co-op and its values.


Access to online courses, in-person workshops, and the option of a personal development plan for those who wish to progress themselves both personally, and within the co-op.

Work that matters

We are proud to work for organisations that are actively contributing to progressive change and improving the lives of people around the globe.

Work/life balance

We care about our team’s wellbeing and offer a supportive, open, and understanding workplace.

Office perks

All the usual office perks, including free bananas and biscuits, team social events, and access to a high-quality collaborative office playlist.

Our Extended Network

Alongside our in-house team, we work with a close-knit network of skilled associates for when projects require specialisms that fall outside of our remit. This includes developers, illustrators and copywriters to name a few. We also work collaboratively with other co-operatives and worker-owned businesses on joint projects, or to help alleviate workloads if your agency is experiencing a particularly busy period.