Our evaluation and diagnostic tools save our clients hundreds of working hours by automating the process of applying their business knowledge.

Evaluating an individual or a business is a complex business and can take many forms. Some funds may wish to help only the most in need; some may wish to ensure that the state of health of any organisation they assist is good, even if cash flow is poor; others may wish to identify certain criteria that make sense for their platform.

Often these evaluations must be manual and can be quite detailed, but it can greatly relieve the burden to perform some of the evaluations automatically, helping to create a shortlist of applicants. Sometimes a large number of applications must be processed in a short time window and automation will prevent several short-term staff from needing to be hired and trained. We have created many custom evaluation tools for different client scenarios, each of which is fully integrated with the surrounding website; everything from asset management to carbon emissions calculation!

Our bespoke diagnostics include:

  • Online Assessments & Evaluations
  • Spreadsheet to Web Tool Conversions
  • Data & API integrations
  • Back-office Integration
  • Social Impact Measurement

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