Looking to create or update your website, but not sure where to start? A collaborative workshop can add clarity to even the most complex of web projects.

Web workshops are intensive sprint sessions designed to hammer out the basic structure of your website. They also allow us to come to decisions collaboratively and make sure we’re all on the same page. We also touch on aesthetic preferences based on your existing brand’s look and feel and develop it further throughout your new site. They’re great for both experienced team members and those who are new to the website building process.
By the end of these sessions, we aim to have an agreed sitemap in principle, a good idea of your content architecture, and an overarching plan encompassing the various visual and structural components required. These sessions are also available remotely or in person where achievable.

Our Workshops are great for:

  • Underpinning your website’s goals
  • Getting large teams on the same page
  • User journey mapping
  • Understanding 3rd party dependencies
  • Collectively identifying challenges

Content Workshops

When it comes to content, it can be hard to know where to start, especially with particularly large or complex projects. As a result, it’s often left till last, but can ultimately frustrate a website launch when final content doesn’t fit into the space that’s been built. The result can be a fractured layout and lead to a poor user experience.

We encourage clients to begin work on content early on, and in parallel to our design and build processes. We can provide a content framework to aid you in content production including a centralised management checklist and document templates. This not only enables you to delegate authors and proofing responsibilities but also ensures you’re thinking about page titles, keywords and media.

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